The technology adopted by the live casinos

The Technology Adopted By The Live Casinos 

Remember those crappy online casino games that people used to play? They had terrible graphics, were slow, and often bugged. People used to hate playing them, but they were the best alternatives for people who enjoyed gambling but couldn’t go to casinos.

But today, you can immerse yourself in playing amazing live casino games that perfectly deliver the brick and mortar casino experience right to your couch. In fact, live casinos excel real casinos in many ways: they save your time, offer great bonuses, and even let you practise the games for free before you wager for real money. Wondering how did we get here? It is the technology that enabled the development of many aspects of live casinos over time and today, casino websites combine those technologies to bring you the amazing experience you’ve come to enjoy.

The technology adopted by the live casinos


A big challenge that technologists faced early on is how to detect real-world physical changes and integrate them into the gaming software. Top game developers invested a lot of time and money to solve this problem. That’s when an ingenious piece of technology called the Game Control Unit or the GCU was brought into the picture.

You can see it in action in many live casino games. For example, in Live Roulette, sensors are fitted in each wheel to detect the precise landing position of the ball. The GCU is only the size of a shoebox and each table has its own GCU. GCU digitises the collected information and transmits it to the user’s device.


OCR, or Optical Character Recognition, is a technology that lets users convert various types of documents into editable and searchable data. Data can be effortlessly collected from scanned paper documents and PDF files to images captured by a digital camera. All you need is an OCR software that can single out the letters after detecting them, combine letters into words and words into sentences. The resultant document can be edited and saved separately.

In live casinos, OCR is installed to read the image of the table and derive every bit of data using its code — from a card dealt in Blackjack to the placement of a ball in Roulette. The data is then processed as if in a video game and the results are sent to the players via the video stream. After the players have placed their bets, the information is combined with the data collected from the OCR in the game’s computer to determine the winners and losers of the round.

The Internet

The biggest contributing factor for the success of live casinos can be attributed to the Internet; after all, it is technology too. Apart from transferring data between the casino website and the player, it also helps smoothen the operations of the live casino. Since the entire process takes place online, maintenance of live casinos becomes inexpensive and, in turn, brings the cost down.

The internet has also proved to be a friendly tool for players. Since they could check the reviews and ratings of every casino website, they were more trustful of the websites they chose to play on. Thanks to the internet, players could also form online communities in which they could learn and share strategies and other crucial information to keep up with the gambling industry.

Types of equipment

Many types of equipment are used in a live casino — cameras, game tables and machines, and monitors. Technology invariably has a huge impact on this aspect of gambling too.

Cameras went from HD to 4K, enabling game providers to stream at better quality. Game tables and machines got upgraded to be compatible with other game-changing technologies that were incorporated into live casinos. Monitors were added to live casino studios for croupiers to see all necessary information easily.

In closing, technology is constantly changing many more aspects of gambling and of live casinos; there’s no telling what to expect for the future, but be prepared to be greeted by an AI bot the next time you log in to your account.


Name: The Technology Adopted By The Live Casinos 
Author: Paul Johnson
Published Date: 11/07/2019