The future of mobile gaming

The future trends of mobile gaming

If we go back to the initial era, nobody would be able to surmise where the casinos stand high today. The practice of gambling was prevalent long before the first bricks-and-mortar casino was even officially launched. Then the trend of online gaming entered the market, which turned out to be the biggest hit among game lovers all over the world. However, the turning point in the gaming industry was when mobile gaming platform was introduced, and everybody was enamoured by it. Since then, the popularity of mobile casino gaming has been rapidly growing and is at its zenith today. But is the sky really is the limit? What’s your take on this?

The future of mobile gaming

Before mobile gaming was introduced, players relied on either land-based casinos or PCs. Now, anyone can seamlessly play almost all the variants of casino games from their smart devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops, right from their comfort zones and as long as you have a stable internet connection. As technology keeps upgrading into better versions, so the mobile gaming features too. One of the core reasons why players are shifting towards mobile gaming in this era is because we can have the same benefit and gaming experience as we get on PC casinos. Today, the gaming advantages provided on smartphones are high-end, impeccable, and powerful, and the gameplay is excellent. Anybody can install their favourite online casino on their smartphone, which should be operated by either Android, iOS, Windows and even Blackberry devices. In addition to the benefits and gaming experiences, mobile players also enjoy user-friendly access to the website, bonuses and promotions, VIP packages, and top security encryption technology.

But is the sky really is the limit? What is the future of mobile gaming?

The following features are what is soon expected to fill the mobile gaming industry.

Virtual reality gaming

The newest addition of programme to the advanced technology that has been taking over the world the past couple of years is the virtual reality (VR). As the name intimates, ‘virtual’ and ‘reality’, it is a computer-generated simulation of 3D settings which can be alike or radically distinct from the physical world. Now, it is reportedly said that mobile AR technology is set to push the virtual reality market by the year 2021 via desktop and mobile platforms. Once the VR world and the casino world come together, it will be unstoppable, and the gaming experience will be on the next level. It is very likely to have a remarkable and realistic touch to the games and surroundings just like a land-based casino.

Rise of cryptocurrency/ Cryptocurrency mode of payment

For those who don’t know, cryptocurrency is a digital currency that uses cryptography for high-end security. This virtual currency has been over the top since its launch and the talk of the town, and people around the world have been using it for their deposits and withdrawals because of its transparency. The popularity of cryptocurrency blew up when bitcoin was introduced to the world. Now it has become the most popular and trusted cryptocurrency in the world, and considering the rapid rise of mobile casinos, the chances of allowing payments via cryptocurrencies are very likely to happen in the future.

Graphics and designs

When it comes to gaming, the quality of the graphic visual is highly considered. Nowadays, every game developer strives on creating high-end graphics, which also adds to the popularity of the game. The mobile gaming industry is rapidly evolving, and one of the factors we look forward to seeing is, the better quality of graphics. Even though the graphic quality of live casinos is exceptional at present, other casino games are mostly offered in 2D. And with the evolution of smartphones, casino games are expected to be available on 3D very soon to give an authentic and realistic online gaming experience.


The final feature that is expected to see in the future of mobile gaming is the eSport. Despite that eSport has existed in the gaming industry for decades, it was operated through PC or consoles only. So, taking a look at the massive popularity and rise of mobile gaming, eSports are expected to grow immensely very shortly. In fact, the feature of eSport is already so popular in South Korea that it is likely to hit $1.5 bn net worth by the year 2020. One of the main reasons why eSport is expected to rise in the iGaming market is because the bookmakers are a lot less complex in correlation to traditional sports. Also, the convenience and approachability of using smartphones add to the factors. Considering all these, the feature of eSports mobile games can potentially reach billions of enthusiastic gamers around the world.


Name: The future trends of mobile gaming
Author: Paul Johnson
Published Date: 08/07/2019