Sports Legends Who Love Casinos

Sports Legends Who Love Casinos

The magnificent and enigmatic sports industry which involves a lot of fame and hefty money was once considered good only for mind and body, but not a source of money.

Nevertheless, the scenario has drastically changed , if in today’s era there’s a passion to strive for sports, the person is encouraged, because not only it is a good career opportunity but it also opens mammoth avenues for an individual to represent himself/herself at national or international levels, while being financially sound.

Sports Legends Who Love Casinos

This change in perspective of visualising sports has opened a plethora of opportunities for a person who has a great passion for any kind of sports.

Since the rise of the sports industry, the graph of money involved in this zone has exponentially raised to unimaginable heights. Sponsors are putting a whopping amount of money since the base for sports watching audience has elevated to new levels. Simultaneously government is also putting thumping aggregate of money into this.

As the amount of money is huge in this industry, sportspersons tend to sway and drift away sometimes from their ambition and tend to engulf themselves in activities which are not legal or not for their good.

Many Athlete’s exemplary performances on the field are often overshadowed by their off-field issues.

There are vivid bad habits in which athletes often get involved, amongst which the most common is gambling. This issue is not new in this industry, it has been persisting since ages ago. Gambling serves as an addiction for the sportsperson which tends to take them away from their focus and invest their money in a wide variety of games.

The ever-expanding empire of casinos provides an immense level of exposure to these people offering them with immense thrill and excitement of winning. Sportspersons are involved in gambling at a high percentage, be it- land-based casinos, live casinos where live casino games are played with real money and accessible anywhere, anytime.

Popular sportspersons and their gambling stories

Mario Balotelli Barwuah, this Sicily born football player, who is undefeatable in the field, fell prey for casino and gambling. His evolutionary and unpredictable graph is skyrocketing, after winning thirty. This unapologetically brilliant striker who made his country proud in 2014 FIFA world cup is into gambling especially Roulette. But the stark difference is that he doesn’t take money with himself, or rephrasing it – he distributes the winning amount amongst poor-being the Robin Hood of Sports industry.

Floyd Mayweather who is another sports legend plays in casinos for a gigantic amount of money. Some people have also quoted that he does wagers 100,000$ per hand. He, being a true sportsperson(pun intended), keeps playing even after losing almost all the times, not losing the true sportsman spirit.

He gets another level of happiness in betting. To these gamblers, casinos are heaven, since they are travelling all the time and so these online casinos serve their purpose.

Alex Rodriguez, American baseball shortstop has won an innumerable number of awards, three American leagues for the most valuable player and many more.

Besides these accomplishments, he also had a controversial career owing to some of his bad habits, that include drugs.

Wayne Rooney, who is English footballer, a real goal scorer for his team, is a sore loser, according to localities in gambling.

Michael Jordan, who has left the impeccable mark of his knack by being six times the National Basketball Association champion and leader of American Dream Team. He was so obsessed with Craps table (Dice game where the player makes wagers on outcomes of the roll), that he ended up losing five million dollars in that game.

Closing thoughts

It is basically the inbuilt qualities of any sportsperson(high energy levels, competitiveness) that inhibits these sports legend to gamble and increase their fondness towards gambling.


Name: Sports Legends Who Love Casinos
Author: Paul Johnson
Published Date: 08/08/2019