Must-play Movie-Themed Casino Games

Casino games have come a long way from the limited table games offered in the very first casinos to the slots and live casino games. Furthermore, the casinos felt a requirement for many more variants of these modern games so as to keep the customers glued to their chairs. This requirement further led to the emergence of themed-casino games. Games based on the backdrop of movies became an instant hit and proved to be beneficial to all, the movie producers, the casino and the players. The licensing agreements between the producers and the casinos allowed the games to use official soundtracks and characters as symbols to deliver great gaming experience.

Well, here is a list of movie-themed games you must try.

Must-play Movie-Themed Casino Games

The Mummy

This 1999 movie which proved to be a hit on the international market, expanded its wings even further when a video slot game was launched jam-packed with special features. The game offers tons of bonus and spin features. The Lost City Adventure bonus is one of the key highlights of this game where the player is allowed to unlock extra game features alongside winning designated prizes. Furthermore, the video slot also includes a variety of special features like extra scatters, expanding wilds, free spins and many more which can be activated as per the player’s choice.

The portrayal of the movie’s Egyptian theme is done to perfection and feels authentic, owing to the presence of original music, video clips and iconic Egyptian imagery from the movie.


Everyone’s favourite superhero, Superman, was brought before the public yet again when an online slot game was launched. This online slot was based on the original Superman film which starred veteran actor Christopher Reeve, who gave this character a face. The game is flooded with authentic images and icons from the movie. The graphics are set to modern standards, giving a better experience than many other classic slot games.

The game offers free games and crystal bonuses with up to 5x multiplier. These extra bonuses also multiply the fun and excitement of the game. The game also provides 4 mystery progressive jackpots to discover in the game course.

Jurassic Park

The element of the movie Jurassic Park that attracted the audience when it released was the stunning visual effects and background score. The slot game based on this movie spares no chance of complaint by striving to provide high-graphics and authentic background music straight from the movies. The special feature of Parallax scrolling lets you experience the game in an immersive way. The dinosaur characters and symbols are used adequately.

The game boasts multiple free spins, running wild and mystery multipliers which add up to the excitement of this game.

Terminator 2

Who can forget James Cameron action-thriller ‘Terminator 2 – Judgement Day’? The movie gave the action-thriller genre a new layer of precision. The online slot adaptation of this successful movie keeps up to the standards and delivers a clinical interface. With characters like John and Sarah Connor, Terminator and the technically advanced T-1000 cyborg, the slot game is close to perfection on portrayal aspect.

The slot is flooded with free spins feature, that has an extra row of symbols allowing 1024 more ways to win. Apart from this, the T-1000 symbol changes into other symbols that award higher mystery payout.


This Sylvester Stalone movie proved to be a milestone for the underdogs in the world of boxing. Rocky was a movie about the journey of a small-time boxer who with the progression of the movie realises his potential, fights all the odds and makes it big in the world of boxing. Rocky is rightfully considered one of the best sports movies ever made and was successfully transformed into an online slot game. The slot game sticks to the premise of the movie with the inclusion of the lead characters and their opponents. The game premise doesn’t let down the movie’s legacy.

The game features casino bonuses like Knockout bonus that gives the player to fight against opponents. This special feature makes the game a lot more exciting than other online slots. The game also boasts free spins and double payout features.


Anyone who is a real fan of these movies and the casinos, this is just the perfect opportunity for them to enjoy this accurate blend of game and entertainment.


Name: Must-play Movie-Themed Casino Games
Author: Paul Johnson
Published Date: 22/08/2019