How to play the casino like a pro

How to play the casino like a pro

This might seem weird but the incoming of Live casino and Online casinos have brought opportunities of making a living with it if you are really good at it. Games like Live Blackjack, Live baccarat are all very strategical and don’t just depend on luck. Knowing the tips and tricks that can make you a pro in the game is essential if you want to be good at it. Anyone with very less or no idea about casino games or someone who takes these games for granted and thinks that luck is the only factor which matters is very prone to fall prey to this game of gambling.

Here are some life-saving tips which will take you a step forward in the world of Live Casinos.

How to play the casino like a pro

Know the rules and come up with strategies

Knowing the rules of the game you have decided to play beforehand gives you the space to actually be in the game and focus on the game. Clarity in thoughts and decision making is very important in games like Blackjack. These games require many decisions which prove to be crucial at the end of the play. Although there might not be a perfect strategy for each and every game, there are some which bring you closer to being successful. Having a set plan in your mind according to the motion of the game is the key which separates you from others.

Studying the game might actually help you in getting instant success instead of just relying on luck and crossing-fingers in the hope of good. Even gods don’t reward someone who makes no efforts.

Picking the right game with an acceptable house edge

There a lot of games offered by live casinos. The most classic ones include Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Slot Machines and video poker. The blunder most people tend to do is that they choose their game on the level of thrill they desire to experience. This scale of deciding might sound exciting but won’t always be fruitful.

There are different house edges varying from casino to casino and game to game.For instance, in the UK some casinos offer an edge of 2.70% in Roulette whereas Blackjack has a lower edge, and there are some games in which the casino barely has an edge over.

Another example is, Blackjack strategy closes the gap between you and the house of casino, but choosing the lower house edge decreases that gap even further.

Keeping a bankroll

A bankroll is the money you are using to gamble. Elaborately, it is the record of how what has been your winning or loss in the past times. It gives you a fair idea of what amount can you be investing in the coming time. Establishing how much loss can you bear every month.

To be good in gambling it is essential to minimise the risk of losing it all. So, one should always invest only a certain amount of money. This set of money is time dependant and person dependant. Determining a fixed number is not practically possible. Only the person maintaining it will be able to determine his/her set.

 A bankroll is not a restrictor, instead, it is a regulator. Even at times of huge losses, a professional gambler can continue to make a career out of this game by taking advantage of bankroll management.

Playing at your best

Any state of your mind and health which doesn’t allow you to be your best, must not be allowed to take over yourself. A casino is a place of crucial decision making, so one needs to be at his very best. It is better to know your ongoings rather than regretting about it later on and not being able to do anything about the loss.

Being calm at mind is an essential, which you can never be in certain situations, like:

  • When you are drunk
  • When you think you are invincible(over-confidence)
  • Where your luck is tilted to loosing


It is important to know when to play and when not to. No matter how many strategies to you apply, there is no such thing like “definitely” in gambling. It is easy to lose your temper and hence lose the game by taking wrong decisions. So it is very important to be self-aware and stay calm because this is what professionals do.


Name: How to play the casino like a pro
Author: Paul Johnson
Published Date: 01/08/2019