How to find lucrative casino bonuses?

How to find lucrative casino bonuses?

Casino bonuses are the most appealing features in an online casino. It is one of the most popular aspects apart from the other incredible features it offers. An online casino reward is an amount of free money the casino deposits into your casino account to use it when gambling. Today, every online casino offers the best bonuses to its players and also convince new players to sign up to their website. One of the most common types of rewards is the welcome bonus. Say, for instance, you make your first deposit of £200, you might receive bonus money of £400, so you’d have £600 in your hand to play instead of the initial £200. But note that it comes with a catch where you’ll be required to make a certain amount of bets before cashing out.

What are the other types of casino bonuses?

There are two categories on casino bonuses – cashable and non-cashable. Cashable bonuses can be done when a player fulfils the casino’s wagering requirements, whereas, a non-cashable bonus is only for the game use and cannot be withdrawn, except the initial deposit and the profit.

Often, most casino players prefer the cashable bonus type because they can withdraw both the bonus amount as well as the profits they make during the gaming session. For the very same example quoted above, in case you make a total profit of £100 during the sitting, you can revoke the full amount, along with the £200 deposit money and £300 bonus reward money. However, before withdrawing, you should know whether the casino offers maximum cash-out limit or not. Suppose, there is a maximum cash-out limit of £300, then you can withdraw only £300, and the outstanding amount is removed from your account.

Meanwhile, non-cashable bonuses cannot be withdrawn. They can be used only for wagering purpose until it gets over. There are two types of non-cashable bonus- a phantom bonus and a sticky bonus. There is no broad disparity in the two types of bonuses, except that in the phantom bonus, the reward appears as part of the final amount at the end of the game. Once a withdrawal request is made, the bonus amount is lost to the player, whereas, the sticky bonus cannot be withdrawn but remains available for the players to make a wager.

Free spin bonus for slot games

Free spins are the newest bonus variants offered in online casinos. You will often find this bonus in slot machine games, wherein, the most common type is free spins. Free spins can be exciting and attractive, but the best of all is the one where you receive extra chips and also get free spins as a bonus. However, a player is required to register with a casino in order to avail the free rewards. Well, if you plan to sign up for an account, all you need to do is to sign up with your email address which should be used only for the sole purpose of the casinos. In that way, your inbox will not become a mess, and you will not miss out on any promotional offers.

Points to examine when hunting for the casino bonuses

Casino bonuses stand vital when you plan to sign up with a casino. Not every casino bonus is the perfect pick for anybody. If one finds it perfect, others may not. So, here are some factors to consider –

The reputation of the casino

Look for the casino that offers a high percentage of bonus when players make a deposit. That way, you’ll receive more free money and have the budget to wager even when you don’t have enough money to spend.

Wagering requirements of the casino

Another important factor to check before signing up to a casino is the wagering requirements. In certain casinos, even if the bonuses are huge, it comes with high wagering requirements. Also, analyze the amount of time it’ll take to meet the wagering requirements based on the type of games you like to play.


Name: How to find lucrative casino bonuses?
Author: Paul Johnson
Published Date: 15/07/2019