How crucial are the payment methods offered by an online casino

How Crucial Are The Payment Methods Offered By An Online Casino?

Usually, there are several things folks look out for before registering at one online casino or the other. The number and quality of supported games are important, as is the presence of well-trained customer support staff, a mobile-friendly user interface and regularly updated content.

But perhaps the most important factor that can serve to convince folks to sign up for an online casino is the presence of a large variety of payment methods. These methods make it super-easy to fund online casino accounts and withdraw wins, and apart from being easy to use should be very secure. Among the most popular payment methods to be found in online casinos are Paypal, E-wallets, as well as credit and debit cards.

These methods will be explored below.

How crucial are the payment methods offered by an online casino

Pay as you win, now or later

For an online casino to be taken seriously, it is obliged to support a large variety of payment methods. The variety is important to accommodate the preferences of a large section of the gambling populace. Among the most popular payment methods on the market are:

  • Credit cards

Credit cards can easily fund an online casino account and withdraw wins. There is nothing complicated about doing this, with folks being requested to provide the usual array of pertinent information so that their payment can be processed. Once the processing is complete, funds are debited or credited as is necessary, with no head-scratching being required. Among the most popular credit cards in use are the likes of MasterCard and Visa, with most UK casinos accepting either or both payment options.

  • Prepaid cards

Pre-paid cards are convenient in their own way and can be purchased pretty much anywhere. These cards come in varied denominations and are used much like credit cards. They provide a layer of anonymity that most other payment options lack.

  • Debit cards

These have lots of similarities to credit cards. Maestro and Visa Debit are the most used in the UK and such cards have the advantage of instant payment from the bank accounts of the user.

  • E-Wallets

E-wallets are increasing in use and popularity and it is not hard to see why. They are a very convenient and absurdly speedy form of online payment and are secure also. Transfers with E-wallets take a couple of seconds at most, with their ease of using drawing ever-larger crowds of UK gamblers eager to make the most of their precious time. Prime examples of E-wallets include Skrill, Neteller, Payoneer and Paypal.

  • Bank Wire and Money transfer

While it might be considered old fashioned, it is still possible for UK players to fund their online casino accounts via bank transfer. This is however not as convenient as the other payment methods listed above. Money transfer is also possible to online casino accounts through such means as MoneyGram and Western Union.

  • Mobile payments

Mobile payment methods make it easy for players to deposit funds into their online casino account with just their phone number. The bill for this is sent to their phone bill, which they can pay later in the month. This is absurdly convenient, particularly when nearly everyone in the UK uses a mobile phone or two. Of the varied mobile payment methods available, Boku has to be the most used.

Things worth knowing

Depending on the payment methods used, UK online casino players may face deposit and withdrawal limits. A few online casinos, for instance, enable the funding of accounts through E-wallets, but not withdrawing of funds through the same means. More, account funding is often processed in minutes, while withdrawals depend on the method chosen by the player and would take a couple of minutes to a week.

Also, for the processing of a withdrawal request, players are normally required to provide ID. This might be frustrating but is a needed security measure.

Importance of the different payment options

By offering the widest possible array of payment methods, an online casino shows its readiness to compete in the big leagues and leave its clientele spoiled for choice. The number of payment methods on offer can be often used to gauge the seriousness and legitimacy or lack thereof of an online casino. This is easily seen in casinos that support PayPal, with this payment platform being among the most reputable and dealing with the most trustworthy online casinos.

As a result of the above, prospective players should endeavour to always check out what payment method is supported in an online casino. If these are meagre, there is little point in signing up for such a casino.

Final Thoughts

Online casinos tend to offer a variety of online payment systems to their clientele. The variety takes player preferences into proper account and is crucial in showcasing the seriousness of the online casino that offers it.


Name: How Crucial Are The Payment Methods Offered By An Online Casino?
Author: Paul Johnson
Published Date: 25/07/2019