Famous Singers Who Also Rule The Gambling Sector

Famous Singers Who Also Rule The Gambling Sector

Famous Singers Who Also Rule The Gambling Sector

Many singers are either gamblers themselves or use gambling as an inspiration to make their work. Music, themes, casino bonuses, casino review and graphics of online gambling games are some of the features that influence gamblers.

People around the world engage in gambling for various reasons, singers are no exception. Singers who gamble don’t necessarily have to visit a land-based casino studio these days to wager on their favourite games as many online gambling sites accept players from all over the world. Online gambling offers a more convenient way of gambling as gambling enthusiasts can play from anywhere on the globe and even play on the go.

Let’s have an ear for the most exciting stories regarding popular music legends and their online gambling experiences.

  1. Gladys Knight

An eminent American singer, songwriter, and actress, Gladys Knight is also known as Empress of Soul but she almost saw her kingdom topple, thanks to a real big love for gambling. Among many incidents, in her book, she also talked about being involved in gambling for nearly ten years. She preferred Baccarat, though she also loved and enjoyed sports betting. In her autobiography, she explained that she was so much into online gambling and nearly lost everything.

Besides, she has written an autobiography (Between Each Line of Pain and Glory: My Life Story), presenting a vivid picture of the various stages of her life. In her book, Between Each Line of Pain and Glory: My Life Story, Gladys Knight spoke openly about her addiction to sports betting and baccarat – an addiction that lasted 10 years.

  1. Nelly

He is a well-known rapper, singer, actor, and businessman. Being a two-time Grammar Award winner, it goes without saying that Nelly has had a successful music career. He has taken up several supporting roles in movies, and also runs a non-profit organization.

Apart from being a famous rapper and songwriter, Nelly is also a talented casino game player.  He took part in the main event at the 2007 World Series Of+ Poker. Being a very talented player, Nelly is certainly a big name to knock out at the table.

Nelly might have a powerful voice, but at the Poker tables, he’s quiet and methodical, calculating every move. He’s travelled the poker circuit, heading to Monte Carlo to play in a major live Poker event. And he’s been seen hitting the felt in Vegas and around the world.

  1. P.Diddy

Born and raised in New York City, P. Diddy is famous all over the world for his rapping and songwriting. According to various reports from the media, P.Diddy is a pro in Blackjack and has been spotted at high-limit tables in land-based casinos. Back in 2012, when Harrahs’ Atlantic City launched their new assortment of poolside blackjack tables, Diddy was asked to sing at the opening ceremony. What’s more, he was asked to place the first bet on the new luxurious selection of blackjack tables.

  1. Harry Styles

Harry Styles is a singer, songwriter, actor, and former member of the famous One Direction band. He encountered one of the most humiliating situations in his life when he was kicked out of the Las Vegas casino because he was not old enough to gamble.

Like most young people, Styles likes to enjoy life and relax while wagering on his favourite games. According to sources, he is a fan of Blackjack, and when he was on a trip to Las Vegas, he visited a casino with his friends only to be escorted out because he was not 21 years of age at that time.

  1. Frank Sinatra

If we would have to name only one singer to be a synonym for the casino world, it would be Frank Sinatra. “Ol’ Blue Eyes” was a regular casino floor song before it became popular among rich people? Through collaboration with Presley, Martin, and Davis Junior, Sinatra played a vital role in building a strong relationship between online gambling and music which can still be seen and felt in Vegas. 

 Sinatra helped to form a relationship between music and gambling that is still present in Vegas. According to media, Sinatra used to place bets on some of the most popular casino games.

  1. Scott Ian

Scott Ian is an American rhythm guitarist, additional lead vocalist, and the only remaining co-founder of Anthrax, a metal band. He’s a part of the band’s most popular songs and has been commended for writing very effective lyrics. He uses signature and other special guitars in his concerts. He also uses different amplifiers to deliver the best metal music experience.

Today, he’s one of the most recognizable celebrity Poker musicians around. His Poker career kicked off after he won VH1’s charity poker tournament and secured a seat in the once-famous Aruba Poker Classic. He plays Poker regularly at Ultimate Bet where he is regarded as a pro. 

There have been a lot many musicians who are wizards of new live casinos and music world at the same time. They have faced both ups and downs while compromising their career and love for gambling. However, they are inspiring icons for the lovers of gambling.


Name: Famous Singers Who Also Rule The Gambling Sector
Author: Paul Johnson
Published Date: 11/09/2019