Familiarise yourself with Gamification at Online Casinos

Familiarise yourself with Gamification at Online Casinos

Gamification is the application of elements from video games to non-gaming environments that encourages interaction and engagement with those domains. Gamification needs to create the feeling and experience so that online casinos are perceived as online games by gamblers.

The gamification process in online casinos has only come about recently and it is very successful. Most online casinos use the process and in most cases, it sees moderate to high success.

Familiarise yourself with Gamification at Online Casinos

Loyalty points

Most online casinos in the UK offer loyalty points to attract new players. The basic concept of loyalty points is that the more time players spend at a particular casino, the more perks they will have down the line. The rewards can be in the form of casino bonuses, special promotional offers and VIP treatment from the online casino staff.

Once you choose the right casino site and decide you want to become their loyal customer, you will enter the first level of their loyalty program. By earning points, you can move to higher levels and your progress depends on the amount of wager made. When it comes to pay-outs, the speed of progress through the levels of the loyalty program makes a perceptible difference in favour of online casinos versus casino studios.


Online casinos often construct their gamification around leaderboards. This feature allows gamblers to face-off with other players. Players must score points and they’re only gained through the playing of certain casino games. The more points you gain, the higher up the leaderboard you go. Seeing yourself at the top of the list is always a good feeling and some casinos even offer treats to victorious players. Casino reviews will give you an in-depth and honest view of casino leaderboards.

Goals, adventures and missions

Goals and mission systems give players something to work towards. This type of gamification may just be one of the most creative ones yet. Players are rewarded with a bonus after spending a certain time at an online casino. You can pick your missions and if you complete them, there’s some super cool bounty awaiting. Some casinos offer a unique type of gamification where you can explore magical worlds with the help of your chosen casino avatar and earn bonuses.

Does gamification work?

It has been clear enough already that gamification works, and patrons of online casinos love it. Similar techniques are used at organisations all around the world and there is hardly a better way to make players feel appreciated and motivate them to keep coming back again and again.

Samsung uses gamification to reward their customers for participating in their community. Loyal users earn badges and points by reviewing products and taking part in online discussion groups. They also offer a reward system for those who watch promotional videos for the latest products.

Why is gamification so popular?

Gamification might be a completely new term, but our underlying cause as to why it is so appealing comes from a way older source. Our natural affinity towards achievement is deeply ingrained in us and we love good competition among people who share a common interest like gambling. Using gamification features like tournaments and duelling brings out the competitive spirit in us. The bottom line is that everyone likes to win in gambling and seeing the name on the top of a leaderboard brings a sense of satisfaction.

Players get a much stronger sense of engagement and connection with an online casino that allows customising the gameplay. Having your own avatar makes you feel much more connected with your casino account. By receiving daily missions that you need to complete in order to make progress, makes you more inclined to play.

Future of gamification and casinos

Gamification is here to stay and most players seem to enjoy it. Online casinos are becoming very innovative in the way they incorporate gamification in their platforms. Casinos are opened to new currencies and at gamified casinos, there will be more customised currencies than ever. As casinos implement more gamification, it is logical to expect that VR will come into play in the online casino gambling.

The possibilities are literally endless and can pose a significant impact on the future of online gambling.


Name: Familiarise yourself with Gamification at Online Casinos
Author: Paul Johnson
Published Date: 03/10/2019